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    Welcom toShandong Minde chemical co., LTD
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    Company introduction

    Shandong Minde Chemical Co., Ltd. began its business in 2004. It is a joint-stock enterprise which integrates the R & D and production of medicine, pesticide intermediates, fine chemicals, food additives and oil additives. Total assets of 370 million yuan, covers an area of 55944m2.Long term focus on tert butyl acrylate, the production and marketing of m…...

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    Companies adhering to the "quick, thick in the character of" cultural ideas, always take the technology as the guide, quality as the fundamental, to serve as the core, to the credibility of development, constantly seeking innovative products and business models, committed to the development of fine chemical industry.Professional technical consultan…...



    Contact:Karen Liu

    Phone:+86 18053398595

    Tel:+86 18053398595


    Address: Mount Lu Industrial Park, Shandong, Yishui

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